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Fed up with reviews always being glowing ones, perhaps just rehashed press releases? Well mine aren’t!

This is because I couldn’t care less what the suppliers think. I’m not sponsered nor do I accept adverts. This total lack of bias means that I can tell the whole story – warts and all.

What’s more, unless I say they’re just first impressions, these reviews are long term field tests.  So hopefully I’ll have found out any drawbacks.

Most of these reviews will be good ones simply because I hate wasting money and so always research the market carefully before I buy. Even then most products will have downsides and these I’ll point out. I also sometimes make mistakes. I’ll let you know about these so you don’t waste your own money.

There’s a great many reviews to come, I’ve just got to find the time to write them all up. So do please bear with me.


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I don’t know about you but I’ve often been disappointed with the quality of rucksacks made for the consumer market and…

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I’ve already reviewed 2 NGT products, their rod wraps and their luminous rear rod rests.  The first were not only…