Sabre/Daiwa Infinity/Fox Weigh Tripod


I’d already tried a Carp Zone/Nash weigh tripod (apparently they’re identical) and been disappointed with it.  The problem was the telescopic legs didn’t lock completely firmly and could lead to the tripod collapsing and thus the fish being damaged.

Then one of my members, Andy Sopp, recommended I look at the Daiwa Infinity model.  This doesn’t have telescopic legs; instead the legs are held together by internal elastic (like bivvy poles) and fold in and out.  This also makes it exceptionally quick to set up and put away.

Having now tried it out on carp over 50lbs I’m happy to recommend it myself. With the legs spread wide open, the height of 160cms (a little less than advertised) is more than enough for a big set of scales and a large weigh sling.  The closed length in its heavy duty carry bag with a shoulder strap is 100cms.

Additionally it’s extremely lightweight at just 1.6kgs complete with the bag – and that’s weighed rather than using manufacturer’s figures that are often understated.  So it could even be used for roving.

The only downside is it just possibly may not be suited to very uneven banks, although this isn’t a problem at Wingham or indeed most lakes.

At just the £32.99 I paid for the Daiwa version this is good value for money compared with other tripods.  At present it’s hard to find, but try in France.

Since buying the Daiwa model I’ve discovered that the Fox Weigh tripod model CCC037 seems identical, but this is  more expensive at £39.99 although you may find it discounted.

Better still, the Sabre version also appears to be identical (I haven’t tested this though).  Assuming it is, it’s even better value for money at just £24.99.






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