Fox Session Bivvy Table

  • Fox Session Bivvy Table

It took me a lot of searching to find a bivvy table I was happy with to support my SunnGas stove (link below) that I wouldn’t be without.

Of course it had to be sturdy and stable enough not to wobble. It also needed to be big enough, have nothing sticking up to get in the way of the feet of the cooker, and be easy to adjust in height.

I finally came across the Fox Session Bivvy Table which ticked all these boxes and more.

Fox Session Bivvy Table

Fox Session Bivvy Table


Internal dimensions of the top: 50x33cms

Space needed due to splaying of the legs (although you don’t need to do so): at lowest 65×47.5cms, at highest 73x52cms.

Height on level ground: min 35cms, max 52cms

Clearance under the table on level ground: min 32cms, max 49cms


Sturdy and stable enough for heavy items including my stove.

The legs adjust very easily in height and come with mud feet for soft ground – a nice touch.

The surface has the bonus of being non-slip, is lipped to prevent items rolling off and has drainage holes in each corner.


The legs are fiddly to screw open and close when setting up and packing away. I find the best way is to tighten the legs just enough when packing away to stop them flapping, and then they’re quicker to set up next time.

The base of the Fox Session Bivvy Table

The base of the Fox Session Bivvy Table

Conclusion and Cost

I’ve had this a year so far with no problems so am happy to recommend it.

The 2016 street price is around £40 – a little more expensive than some others but worth the extra.


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