NGT Net Float


I’ve already reviewed 2 NGT products, their rod wraps and their luminous rear rod rests.  The first were not only an excellent product but at a bargain price too.  The second were awful and were to be avoided.

I’m pleased to say that NGT’s net floats fall into the first category.  They’re very similar to all the other net floats on the market and at £3.95 they’re about half the price or less than many of their near identical competitors.

For those of you who, unlike me, are worried about being seen with other than the top brand names just cut the label off.  Nobody will know and you’ll have saved a few quid!

In case you don’t know what a net float is for it’s simply to make sure your landing net doesn’t sink when you let go of it.  It fits onto the end of the handle and the tab goes between the mesh and the spreader block and is then velcroed back onto the float.


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