NGT Tip and Butt Protectors


NGT is a company that works at the bottom end of the market. However in some cases their products are every bit as good as their higher-priced competitors. In fact in some cases they’re likely to be exactly the same!

Some of the tackle tarts won’t be interested as they won’t be going round posing with top name gear. Well I don’t go fishing to pose, I go to catch fish! I won’t be doing so myself, but you could easily snip off the NGT tag.

Granted I wouldn’t buy a lot of the NGT products simply because there are better ones available, albeit at a much higher price and I’m prepared to pay it. But if the quality’s the same and they perform the same, well most of us like a bargain don’t we?

One such bargain is their tip and butt protectors.

NGT Tip and Butt Protectors

NGT Tip and Butt Protectors


They do exactly what they say and the neoprene padding helps protect your rod from damage in transit much better than plain rod wraps.

They come in pairs, one with a bigger diameter than the other, both being about 36cms (14ins) long. This is longer than some others and so offers more protection, but the bottom 20cms (8ins) looks like plain nylon and is slitted in case you’ve got a ring near the joint. You simply slip them over each end of your rod when you pack up and then secure the velcro straps.

One other big bonus compared with plain rod wraps is that they make folding up 3 piece rods much easier as I find the sections are less likely to twist round.

They’re also a great help with rods that don’t fold well because of the ringing pattern. With plain rod wraps the rods move up and down meaning that their travel length is longer in practice, and of course this makes them much more prone to damage.



Conclusion and Cost

I bought several sets of these just over a year ago at the Brentwood Tackle Show and they’re as good as new. I was so impressed I tried to get some more yesterday at the Farnborough Show but NGT had already sold out.

I therefore went to the NGT Direct web site and found they were currently on offer at £2.95 reduced from £4.95. Even at the normal price that’s very good value for money – competitors charge up to twice as much.

Postage is free on orders over £25, otherwise it’s £2.95. I made up a £25 order by buying some luminous rear rod rests that I’ll review when I’ve field-tested them. I’ll also be reviewing the NGT net floats I bought last year.


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