A 50lb common and a 50lb mirror in the same session!

55-08 long common LHS May 2016

Andy Matthews with a long common of 55-08, the first of two 50s in a session!

For the second time Wingham has produced a 50lb common and a 50lb mirror in the same session.  Andy Matthews started his 3 day trip with a very long common of 55-08, and finished it with the rarely caught big plated mirror at 52-00.  Both fish were at their heaviest ever weight.

The long common has got a lot of potential to grow very much bigger when she fills out and could well overtake the 59-08 common in due course.


52-00 heavily plated RHS May 2016

Andy Matthews with the biggest of the heavily plated mirrors at 52-00

I stocked the big plated at 8-08 as a 3 year (pic below as a 23lber) and this beautiful carp has long been the most sought after in the lake.


The big heavily plated at 23-00 in the summer of 2000

Main Lake

Meanwhile the carp record has been broken on the Main Lake with Nick Gent’s first carp from the water being a 52-10 mirror!  Nick therefore becomes another member of the Super Virgins Club, those whose first fish is a 50lber.


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