7th different 50lber from the Carp Lake


Rob Burrage continued in fine form catching a common of 50-06.  This now makes 7 different fish from the Carp Lake that have reached 50lbs, including 4 commons.

There are also 2 new members of the Wingham Super Virgins Club, those whose first carp from either lake is a 50lber, bringing the total membership up to 5.   Barry Goode and George Benos landed Carp Lake mirrors of 56-08 and 58-06 respectively.

Another new member, Antony Marrs, had this gorgeous 35-12 scaly mirror from the Carp Lake.

The fish are now putting on weight quickly after spawning with for instance the one-eyed fish (nicknamed Nelson even if she is female!) already reaching 46-04, her highest ever summer weight.


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