83-04 mirror from the Carp Lake

An 83-04 mirror has been caught from the Carp Lake but sadly the fish appears spawnbound.  As a result the captor doesn’t wish to be named and will not be claiming the record.
This is the rarely caught Big Plated that was supplied by renowned fish breeder Ken Crow as a 3 year old at a weight of 10lbs.  Her heaviest recorded weight was 52lbs in the Spring of last year.
Wingham creator Steve Burke said “I didn’t allow the captor to lift the fish for a photo.  However a picture was taken with him kneeling behind the fish.  This won’t be released as he doesn’t want publicity.  She swam off very strongly and hopefully someone will catch her again without spawn.”
“I’m often asked about whether the Carp Lake or Main Lake is the more likely to produce a record carp.  My answer has always been the Main Lake as I’ve deliberately allowed very little pressure at all there until recently, and as the old saying goes “big fish thrive on neglect”.  The carp in the mysterious Main Lake are typically about 3 years younger than those in the Carp Lake and have already nearly caught them up.”

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