Big Plated Found Dead


It’s with great sadness that I have to report that the “Big Plated” has been found dead in the Carp Lake at Wingham.

This was the fish that was caught at 83-04 last November, almost 30lbs above her natural weight.  Even had it been accepted as a record, the captor wanted no publicity and decided not to make a claim.

There’s been much speculation about Wingham producing a record carp.  It’s possible that it will do so in the future, but it’s much more likely to come from the Main Lake.

I’m convinced that the only reason that Wingham has produced so many 50lb+ English carp at such a young age is the lack of fishing pressure, and in fact this has been deliberate policy since the start of the project.

I’ve always allowed even less pressure on the Main Lake, that I fully opened to carp fishing only 3 years ago.  This was to let the carp grow in peace, and they’ve done so at an even faster rate than in the Carp Lake.  However they’re several years younger, and it’s expected they’ll surpass even those in the Carp Lake before long.

The biggest fish in the Carp Lake is “Black Spot” and she was caught recently at 60-12.  The Main Lake fish have already almost caught up, and the lake record was recently raised to 57-10.  This is a male fish and so will be at its heaviest weight early winter when it could also top 60lbs.

Naturally we’re very excited about the future prospects, in particular for the Main Lake.

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