Dan Taylor Nets 1st Wingham 60lb Carp

Dan Taylor has done it again! Last season he had 3x50s from Wingham including a lake record 59-08 common.
On his first trip back to Wingham since early August Dan’s again broken the Wingham carp record, this time with a mirror of 60-08.
Just after dawn on the first day of a 3 night session Dan had a low 20 common in his net when a second rod roared off.  He ended up with 2 commons in his net at once, so released the first, smaller one and weighed the second at 29-14.  As he was doing so he had a take on his third rod!
Dan said, “The third carp put up a tremendous scrap and my heart was in my mouth when I saw the black spot on her flank that meant I’d hooked the biggest mirror in the lake.  When I eventually managed to land her I was shaking.
“I was shaking even more when Head Bailiff Terry weighed her at 60-08! I was still shaking as I struggled to lift her for the photos!”
This is a just reward for all the hard work Dan has put in round the fishery, having done a lot of tree surgery plus attended almost every single weed raking work party – despite working Monday to Friday!  When Dan first came to do some tree surgery for us I didn’t expect he’d join the staff, let alone catch 4 50s from the Carp Lake in less than 12 months!
Neither did I expect a 60lb carp so soon as we’re still 5 or 6 weeks away from spawning.  This fish was born at Wingham and is still growing fast, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what she’ll reach.
60-08 Black Spot RHS 1 Carp Lake Apr 2016

Dan Taylor with Wingham’s first 60 at 60-08

Steve Burke

Syndicate Fishery Manager

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