Great start to the season


First Wingham Carp is a 60!

New members have a habit of doing well at Wingham with their first fish often being a 40 or even a 50.  But Steve Sellick went one better with his first carp being Black Spot from the Carp Lake at 60lbs 1oz!

What’s more, this is the heaviest she’s been this early in the season and she could weigh considerably more near spawning time.

Steve, a 49 year old builder from near Maidstone, moved swims after spotting some fish on his first evening.  To avoid spooking them he fed each rod with just 3 catapults of Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.

The following afternoon Steve had a one-toner to a wafter fished 40 yards out over the back of a bar. The fish fought extremely hard, taking 70 yards of line on its first run.

An exited Steve said, “This is what I joined Wingham for – beautiful surroundings and genuine English carp. What a start! I’d just backed the winner of the Grand National too, perhaps I ought to buy some lottery tickets!”

Those whose first carp is a 40 we call Wingham Virgins, a 50 Super Virgins.  I’m open to suggestions for those whose first fish is a 60!

                                         New member Steve Sellick’s first Wingham carp is a 60!

57-10 record mirror from the Main Lake – part of a 100lb+ brace!

Not only did Ian Brown break the lake record on the Main Lake but he also recorded the heaviest-ever brace from the difficult water.

The 59 year old research scientist from near Ashford, Kent moved swims to where he’d spotted fish activity 24 hours earlier.  Just 2 minutes after casting out he had a take that turned out to be a PB mirror of 57-10!

That alone would have made a red letter day, but just as he was about to pack away his second rod he was in again. The result was a 44-02 mirror, making a brace of 100lbs+!

A delighted Ian commented, “It was amazing to catch a rarely caught fish from a very special environment.  I had a marsh harrier above me and nightingales singing in the background.”

Wingham creator Steve Burke added, “The carp in the Main Lake average several years younger than in the Carp Lake and most of us feel that the water will shortly eclipse even the Carp Lake.  This fish is a male, and so will be at its heaviest early winter when it’s likely to be 60lbs+”.

                                 Ian Brown with the new Main Lake record of 57-10, part of a 100lb+ brace!

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