Guest catches near 60lber!


Stuart Morgan had the guest session to dream about.  His first fish was Black Spot, the biggest in the Carp Lake, that bottomed out his 60lb scales.  Weighed on a set of 120lb Reubens the needle hovered on the 60lb mark, so an honest Stuart called it 59-14.

Stuart becomes the 6th member of the Wingham Super Virgins Club, those whose first carp from Wingham goes 50lbs+.  Stuart later added a 36-14 mirror that was 2ozs over his previous PB.

This is Black Spot’s highest ever October weight.  Goodness knows what she’ll weigh in spawn next May!

The same goes for Leroy Swan’s 56-14 from the Main Lake if caught later this Autumn. This was caught early Spring just after it woke up and was bigger than Back Spot then!

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