Syndicate News April 2012


Carp Lake Syndicate (4 different 40lb+ commons in 4 days!)

With the cold wet spring the complex has been predictably late in waking up this year. However the Carp Lake has just done so with a bang.

It’s produced 4 40lb+ commons in 4 successive days – what’s more they’re all different!

The first of these was caught by Andy Matthews and is a new record common at 47-08. It’s the same chunky fish as the old record caught in November last year and so has continued to grow over the winter. It had previously come out at 41-02 in October the year before and so may well have some way to go yet.

The second and third were part of a 2 day catch of 2 forties at 41-06 and 40-02, plus 3 thirties and a 29. The captor? That man Bob MacGregor again!

The final one was a 42-12, and new member Marc Vicarey’s first carp from the lake! It still had leeches on and so had just woken up.

With the fish still growing several members are predicting that the Carp Lake will produce both a 50lb mirror and a 50lb common later in the year. I’d still bet on the Main Lake doing a 50 first though.


41lb 6oz


40lb 2oz


42lb 12oz


47lb 8oz

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