Syndicate News April 2014


50lb Common & 50lb Mirror in less than 48 Hours!

Wingham Carp Lake has produced its first 50lb Common.

It went 50-11 and was caught by Phil Woodcock from Wigan. I was sitting with Phil just the day before and Phil was looking forward to his first 40lb common, having already caught seven 40lb+ mirrors from Wingham including the coveted big plated mirror. He still hasn’t caught a 40lb common! Phil also had a 33-08 mirror in the same session.

Less than 48 hours later Andy Sopp landed a new record mirror of 53-02, the fish that came out last May at 51-10. 40 minutes earlier Andy had also landed a 29-12 mirror.

Congratulations to both anglers!

Stop press: Andy has just returned and had a 42-01 mirror, whilst Gree Fee landed a 41-12 common on an overnighter. Earlier Will Finch caught another 40+ common that went 42-00.

Altogether that makes 18 carp to the few who’ve fished so far this season. 13 of these (72%) have been over 30, with 5 over 40 (28%) and 2 over 50 (11%).

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both Ken Crow and Denis Smale who provided me with 3 year old carp in 1995 and 1996. They and their offspring have certainly grown. How much bigger they’ll get is anyone’s guess!

Two 50lbers in less than 48 hours!



A 50-11 common to Phil Woodcock, and a 53-02 mirror to Andy Sopp

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