Syndicate News June 2015


3rd different 50lb carp in a just over a month for Dan Taylor!

Dan Taylor has done it again! He’s now had his 3rd different 50s in little more than a month from the Carp Lake with the capture of a mirror of 50-12. This is the fish that came out at 54-12 last November. It’s the first time she’s made 50lbs at this time of year, and is well up on her last post-spawn weight of 43lbs in 2013. The future looks very exciting indeed!

Another Dan, Dan Whittaker has also done it again! He’s had his 8th carp in 10 nights from the Main Lake, including another 40, a mirror of 42-00. This makes 3 over 40 including of course the lake record at 49-10. His latest carp is a new 40, having been caught by Malcolm Harmer at 35-04. This makes at least 10 different 40s in the Main Lake already.

Ian Johnstone has totally smashed the male tench record, raising it from 8-08 to 9-02. As you can see from the picture it’s a very unusual but distinctive colour. I believe these rarities are called vermillion tench, the first we’ve ever had from Wingham.


Ian Johnstone’s male “vermillion” tench of 9-02

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