Syndicate News May 2012


Carp Lake Syndicate (including a new lake record at 49-12)

2 more 40lb+ commons have come out in successive days. The first at 42-12 was caught by our webmaster Si Ford and is a new PB common. Si then added a 34-10 mirror the following day.

The second was a 43-00 common, the one with the irregular scales. It fell to Budgie Burgess whilst eel fishing. Budgie did catch his target species too, including a superb specimen of 5-10, which ups the Wingham record by 2 ozs.

Earlier in the month Matt Jones broke the lake record which has gone within a whisker of the 50lb barrier with a 49-12 mirror. He also had commons of 39-12 and 29-06 plus mirrors of 29-00 and 26-06. The record fish came just 2 hours into a 2 night session, and was caught on the shallows despite an overnight frost after Matt saw fish topping.


Malcolm Harmer with a very long 40-04 mirror that should weigh considerably more when it fills out

Main Lake Coarse & Carp Syndicate

After a slow start due to the late spring the Main Lake suddenly woke up in early May (being bigger and deeper it’s normally a week or two behind the Carp Lake). Some big bags of tench with up to 35 in a 2 day session have been recorded. The heaviest tench to date this year is a 10-02 to Malcolm Harmer in mid-May. This had very little spawn and will be considerably bigger in July.

Malcolm Harmer has also had the biggest carp of the year so far, a 40-04 mirror. As can be seen from the photo this was a long fish, and is a new 40.


49-12 lake record mirror to Matt Jones

We have just half a dozen or so bream caught each year, and the first this year is a huge 18-02, just 4ozs outside the lake record. The captor was Colin Allchin of the Tenchfishers, who also had 13 tench to 9-04, a new PB.

Steve Burke

Syndicate Fishery Manager

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