Syndicate News May 2013


Carp Lake Syndicate (including our first 50lber!)

The Carp Lake has produced the widely predicted Wingham fifty pounder. The mirror that came out last year at 49-12 has now reached 51-10, and was fittingly caught by Matt Jones who’s upped his own record. Matt also had a 34-08 common in the same session.

As a result I’ve just lost a bet that the Main Lake would do a 50lber before the Carp Lake, but I’m happy to have to pay out! This fish was born at Wingham and has put on over 11 lbs in just over 3 years. Who knows what it’ll weigh in another 3?


51-10 mirror to Matt Jones

Other notable catches so far are the first 40lb common for Stuart Mills. Stuart had had 40lb mirrors from Wingham before but never a common. His previous best common was 39-15 – how’s that for honesty?! It’s now 41-00 and Stuart also had a 36lb mirror on the trip.

Mark Cunnington is continuing his cracking run with another 40lber, this time the fish with 1 eye. Despite this it’s reached 43-00, its highest Spring weight to date.

Main Lake Syndicate

With the coldest Spring in 100 years the Main Lake still hasn’t fully woken up yet with many of the tench still feeding at night, as they normally do up to about mid-April. Strangely, those tench being caught by day are coming out in the afternoon, normally the quietest time on the Main Lake.

However they’re certainly fattening up, although showing little sign of spawn. The Fish-In was very slow, but one of the guests caught a 10-02 tench. This was built like a carp! However it had a long tail showing it still has a lot of filling out to do. With spawn it could well be a 13lber in a few years.

Following on to his success on the Carp Lake, Mark Cunnington switched to the Main Lake and his first 3 tench were PBs! In order of capture they went 8-07, 8-14 and 9-08. Mark then added a 6lber later in the session.

Another new name on the Main Lake is Elliot Swann who recorded 7 tench, all over 7lbs, best 9-02 and 9-12.

Steve Burke

Syndicate Fishery Manager

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