Syndicate News May 2014


Carp Lake Syndicate
Several more 40lbers have come out this month, and one of the mirrors is a new 40. One of the 40+ commons may be too, I’m just waiting for high res pictures to see. Even if it isn’t this makes at least 12 different 40s in the Carp Lake now, 2 of which (1 common and 1 mirror) have of course already gone over 50lbs.

What’s especially encouraging is that many of the original fish are still growing, a good example being the one-eyed mirror that’s now reached 46-10. And of course the young ones born at Wingham (including both 50s) most certainly are!

This pic is of a 44-08 mirror, new member Andy Hazeldine’s first fish from Wingham! In fact Wingham Virgins as we call them have a history of doing well at Wingham.


44-08 mirror to new member Andy Hazeldine, his first fish from Wingham!

Main Lake Carp and Coarse Syndicate

The Main Lake has also produced its first 40lber of the year in the shape of a 42lb common. It fell to an angler fishing for tench who also had tincas up to 9-08. Well done, Carl! What’s more it’s a new 40, making 7 different ones despite very little carp fishing being allowed on this lake until recently!


Another noteworthy catch is a brace of 30s to Mark Turner on a quick overnighter, a 33-08 common and this gorgeous wood carving dark mirror of 36-04.

36-04 mirror to Mark Turner on an overnight session that also produced a 33-08 common

The tench are a high average size this spring so let’s hope that this season we get one of the monsters we know are in there caught at the right time of year. The 10-11 caught 2 autumns ago could be very much bigger then……..

The perch have also been a very high average size with the best catch so far being a trio of spawned out 3lbers to guest Colin Rennison. Colin caught all of these just 2 foot from the bank!


One of 3 perch over 3lbs in a session caught by guest Colin Renison from under his feet

Steve Burke

Syndicate Fishery Manager

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