Syndicate News May 2015


3 different 50s in a week from the Carp Lake! Near 50 from the Main Lake!

The Carp Lake has produced it’s third different 50 in a week, the one-eyed mirror at 50-12, the first time it’s reached 50lbs. The captor was new bailiff Dan Taylor, and it was his first fish from Wingham! Those whose first Wingham fish is a forty are known as “Wingham Virgins” and there are quite a few members. Perhaps I ought to start a “Wingham Super Virgins Club” now!

I nearly turned this one-eyed fish down when Ken Crow offered it to me as a 3 year old. However Ken said that it had grown to be one of the top 10% of its year class and so I bought it from him. I’m glad I did!


Dan Taylor with the one-eyed mirror at 50-12

Just before this, new member Jared Ferguson became the first member of the “Super Virgins Club” with a new lake record common of 52-08. This is the same long common that Cliff Kemp had a few weeks ago at 51-15.


New member Jared Ferguson with his 1st fish from Wingham – a 52-08 common!

Earlier in the week Bob Copeland had commons of 52-02 and 44-06 plus mirrors of 47-00 and 38-04 all in just 24 hours! I’d assumed that the 52 was the long common but it’s been clearly shown to be a different fish (see the scales at the upper edge of the gill plates of each fish). So we have 2 different 50+ commons in the Carp Lake!


Bob Copeland with a 52-02 common from the Carp Lake.

Bob also caught another common of 44-06 plus mirrors of 47-00 and 38-04 all in 24 hours!

Meanwhile the Main Lake record has gone with a 49-12 mirror to another new member, Dan Whittaker. Dan fishes just overnighters and had a 33 common the previous trip and a stunning 37 mirror the next. The 49 is a known fish but the first time it’s come out at over 40lbs. Like all the Main Lake carp this was born in the Carp Lake. As a result the average age is even younger and, because there’s even less pressure, the Main Lake carp could well grow even bigger than those in the Carp Lake.

The Main Lake common record has also gone with a long fish of 46-00 to Mark Fisher. It was Mark’s first Wingham fish so he too becomes yet another member of the Wingham Virgins Club. This now makes 9 different 40s, despite the Main Lake being fully open for carp fishing for less than 2 months!


Mark Fisher with a long common from the Main Lake of 46-00 that should weigh a lot more when it fills out

Staying on the Main Lake, another new member, Billy Stutter, had a 16-02 bream followed shortly after by a tench of 10-00. The tench was only 23 1/2 ins long with almost no spawn, but as you can see was very chunky.


Billy Stutter with an early season tench of 10-00, caught shortly after he had a bream of 16-02

Steve Burke

Syndicate Fishery Manager

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