Syndicate News May 2015


It’s now 4 different 50s in 8 days from the Carp Lake, including 2 50s in a session!

Dan Taylor has now had 2 fifties in one session! What’s more the second fish is a new lake record at 59-08! It’s the common with the irregular scale pattern on one side and I don’t think it’s been caught since May 2012 when it weighed 43-00.


Dan Taylor with his 2nd 50 of a session! At 59-08 it’s a new lake record.

Neither the 49-06 heavily-plated nor the previous record of 54-12 caught last autumn has been out yet this year. I wonder what these females will weigh at this time of year!

Main Lake

Turning to the Main Lake, Dan Whittaker has done it again! He’s now done 4 overnighters for 5 carp and no blanks. His latest catch were commons of 31-10 and 45-08. The 31 was his smallest fish so far, whilst the 45 is just ounces outside the lake record common.


Dan Whittaker with a long common of 45-08

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