Syndicate News October 2014


New Carp Lake record of 54-12

This is the mirror that came out at 53-02 in the Spring so it’s already way over its pre-spawn weight! It was born at Wingham so I’ve no idea of how old it is or how much more it’ll grow. But as it’s grown almost 10lbs in just over 3 years even I’m getting exited now!


54-12 lake record mirror caught by Rob Burrage

Wingham also has a lot of other fish coming through, including the common that reached 50-11 in the Spring. This came out again in the Summer to Matt Jones at 48-02 so was already almost up to its pre-spawn weight. It’s an exceptional 38 ins long but just a slim 30 ins in girth, so will almost certainly soon weigh a lot more assuming it fills out as normal. Matt also had a scaly 37-15 mirror on this trip.

We also have another very big common and that may be the one caught recently by a guest at 47lbs. I’ll know when I get the pictures.

There have been too many 40s caught over the last few months to mention them all, but I particularly like this superb photo of Daren Norman with this recent 41-04 dark mirror.


A superb photo of Daren Norman with a 41-04 dark mirror

Main Lake Carp and Coarse Syndicate

The Main Lake has fished very much better than last year. This is partly down to putting in barley straw, and this has almost totally controlled the algae. As a result the fish have continued feeding – and so hopefully growing even faster. In fact barley straw was put in both lakes this season, and I’ll be doing the same again for the foreseeable future.

There have been more carp out this year and Dave Forward has been leading the way numbers-wise topped by a long common of 42lb – a different fish to the 42lber that Carl Vener caught in the Spring. Another notable carp was a 39lb mirror deliberately caught in the margins by Tony Killick.


Dave Forward has also been catching other species when carping, including this 17-08 bream – the first bream from Wingham for over 2 years.

Dave Forward with a 17-08 bream

Dave has also been catching a lot of tench, even though he’s trying to avoid them! On his last trip he tried huge baits on a size 4 and still caught 11 tench on just an overnighter! These included two 9lbers plus an 8-08 male, an exceptional size for autumn that equals the Wingham male tench record.

The best recent tench catch was a 3 day session by Keith Carter who had a total of 34 tench. This included a brace of 9s, plus fourteen pound plus perch on the pole. Keith also had a bonus 27-04 common.

The main reason for so many big fish at such a young age at Wingham is the lack of fishing pressure. For that reason I’ve restricted the number of early tickets in particular. However even fewer members than usual fished this Spring, in fact too few to give me sufficient data for fishery management purposes. I’m therefore going to be increasing the number of early tickets next year from 45 to 65 on 40 acres, the same as later in the season.

Steve Burke

Syndicate Fishery Manager

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