Syndicate News September 2012


Carp Lake Syndicate

Bob MacGregor has carried on from where he left off last year. In fact he’s done even better. As of 1st September he’s had the same number of carp since mid-March, namely 26. However he’s had an even higher proportion of big fish, with 18 of them (just under 70%) being over 30lbs, including another 4 over 40lbs. The remainder were all 20lbs+.

Indeed, a good proportion of members have already reported 40lbers this season, including after spawning when the fish are likely to be at their lowest weights of the year. It’s encouraging that some of the repeat captures show that the carp are heavier than at the same time last year.

For instance the fish that everyone wants to catch, although not the biggest, is one of the heavily-plated mirrors. Even though it’s only September it’s come out at its heaviest ever weight of 44-06, falling to the rod of Mark Cunnington.


Mark Cunnington with one of our heavily-plated mirrors at 44-06

Main Lake Syndicate

Although the weather has adversely affected the tench fishing at Wingham the same as elsewhere, we’ve had the male tench record raised to 8-08 by Glyn Llewellyn.

New member Colin Allchin of the Tenchfishers has continued his great season with his first double figure tench at 10-02. At 25 1/2ins long this is as long as tench seem to get, which really shows the potential at Wingham.


Colin Allchin with a very long tench of 10-02

Malcolm Harmer has caught a string of specimen carp over the summer, including 2 new 40lb+ mirrors. The second of these at 40-12 was followed half an hour later by a 38-12 mirror and an hour after that by a 29-06 common (his only one under 30lbs this season!) All of these were caught early summer and so should be considerably heavier come the autumn.

This makes 5 possibly 6 different forties (3 or 4 mirrors up to 45-08 plus 2 commons up to 42-04) that have already been landed from the Main Lake. I’ll be able to be certain as soon as I have Malcolm’s latest photos.

Steve Burke

Syndicate Fishery Manager

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