Syndicate News September 2015


First 50lb carp from the Main Lake! The Main Lake syndicate  has unsurprisingly produced its first 50lber. It was caught by new member Ian Johnstone who’s having an excellent first season. It weighed 50-02 and is the mirror that Dan Whittaker had at 49-12 in the Spring, so is already over its pre-spawn weight.

Following Stephen Daly’s huge bag of perch last month several members have tried their hand and reported sizeable stripies, although they don’t seem to be in every swim. Predictably with the very clear water dawn and dusk are proving best.

Turning to the Carp Lake, clarity is now improving after a bit of an algal bloom that knocked back catches. Almost none of the syndicate is fishing the Carp Lake though! However Mark Cunnington had the big heavily-plated mirror at 47-06, the heaviest its been at this time of the year. Hopefully it’ll go over 50lbs if caught nearer Xmas – last November it reached 49-06. Yesterday morning Lee Stevenson had this stunning 46-00 mirror, a UK personal best carp.


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