Very little weed this year!


For the first time apart from the years we used herbicides we have very little weed in either lake.  There are some weedy areas but many swims have almost none at all.

It may be with the very cold spring here in East Kent the weed hasn’t got going; it may be with very low rainfall over the last 12 months a lot less in the way of phosphates and nitrates has washed in from the surrounding farmland.

Whatever the reason, it means that we won’t need to do much weed clearing this summer and all the swims should be fishable.

It also means that I can bring forward the increase in members from November to July.  There’ll still be only 80 members on 40 acres, i.e. 2 per acre, which is the same as the Carp Lake has been for many years.  At this level there’s not a lot of pressure on the fish and so they grow bigger, plus there’s always plenty of swims to choose from.

It’ll be interesting to see what effect the lack of weed has on the fish and the fishing.

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