What the Experts Say about Wingham

“Wingham is one of the quietest, most unspoilt beauty spots I’ve ever fished. It already boasts some of the youngest big fish in the country and the future potential is nothing short of amazing. Mark my words, anglers will be fighting for a ticket in a few years time!” 

Chris Ball, Angling Historian, Author and Co-founder of “Carp Talk”


“If you want this kind of fishing, you have to join early, see out the development phase and eventually reap the rewards. As I’ve said to Steve on several occasions in the last decade, if anglers want to get to reach the summit of achievement, they have to join at ground level. I bet those who thought “I’ll join later, once the fish get big” are now kicking themselves.”

Top Fisheries Consultant, Dr. Bruno Broughton. April 2004


“I’m unaware of any other British lakes where carp have grown to 30lbs in just 7 years… The complex is very attractive and peaceful, and if I lived closer I’d be pestering you for a ticket!”

Top Fisheries Consultant, Dr. Bruno Broughton. September 2000


“In my professional opinion, and bearing in mind I visit between 50 and 100 different waters per year, I can’t bring to mind another water which offers the discerning angler anything like Wingham.

Wingham is unique in that it has been achieved through nothing other than meticulous management over a natural period of time. Combine this with limiting angling pressure and it proves that you can create the ideal environment for fish to grow, and they’ve already grown very large.

The real gift that Wingham has to offer is that it has only just begun to show glimpses of its true potential. The seeds have been sown, and over the coming years I’m convinced that it’s going to yield a bountiful harvest of perfectly developed specimen fish for those privileged enough to tempt them.” 

George Leeks of Stillwater Management, Feb 2013


“If I had to catch a nine-pounder to save my life I would chose to fish at Wingham. Indeed, I believe it is one of the best “nines” waters in the country. The fish are still young, and time will tell of course, but the tench potential is considerable. A specimen caught in 2012 at 10lb 2oz was already 25 1/2 inches long, which is about as long as tench seem to grow, and in superb condition. Such a fish may well fill out in due course and could easily become very heavy indeed.

Best of all, Steve Burke pursues an enlightened fishery management policy. I believe any serious tench angler would really enjoy the Wingham experience, not least the lack of other anglers and the beautiful surroundings.”

Phil Jackson, Chairman of the Tenchfishers


Wingham is the future of carp fishing in Kent.” 

Chris Haswell, Author of Carp County